Sweet Summer Souvenir



– You reckon I could paint some of those bales?
– Hmm, not sure you’d have to ask the farmer next door, he’s pretty open minded I think.

… and off he went.  Later, when I got back, the farmer had not only agreed but also rearranged the 1ton cubes… and after they were painted he put them on display so passing cars could not miss them. Sweettoof working his magic in the country side!




Collaboration with the wonderfully talented Jostein over at Monofon. Series of three prints (warm gold on ultra black) in an edition of 30 per design, currently available from Viktor Design and Crafts in Mariehamn.

Movement + Hand Printing Workshop

Coming up is a workshop organised by  Libby Scarlett visiting artist and yoga teacher.

Feeling the ground beneath you. Moulding. Fitting yourself to it, it to you.

A 3-hour workshop focused on moulding to space. Firstly, physically: through movement and breath. Then, using clay and ink to make a series of prints on the same theme.

10.00–13.00 on 18 September
At Ahvaland, Flaka, Lemland

e: ahvaland@aland.net
w: www.ahvaland.wordpress.


Open: Crossings




The first Ahvaland exhibition is on!

Currently open by appointment but as of 4 July it will be open Wed–Sun, 11–15 and you will even be able to enjoy a cup of coffee.

is a group exhibition featuring representations of people that have helped and inspired so far. There is no particular theme and no preference in technique. Exhibitors include:

Anastasiya Afonina
Adam Cheltsov
Quoc Dang
Karl Henrik Edlund
Susan Evans
Jenny Gillner
Taija Goldblatt
Chisato Hiyama
Rosemary Howell
Anatolii Hryshchenko
Kite Books
Marko Lampisuo
Henrika Lax
Maribel Mas
Anna Neander
Guglielmo Rossi
Jostein Sandersen
Olivia Sautreuil
Libby Scarlett
Katja Syrjä
Tiina Tahvanainen
Francesca Ulivari
Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist
Vivian Zarvis
Minna Öberg

Location is Norra Flaka 20, 22610 Lemland, Åland, Finland
Call or e-mail if you feel unsure about directions or details.

Intaglio intro

koppartryckintaglio collection

First entirely independent workshop. Intaglio studio set up and Printmaster Tommi Hietanen from Tampere visiting professional. Aquatint, line etching and drypoint covered as well as decent printing technique.

Våga summer show


våga sketchvåga carbonIMG_3729våga hang


Banners for Våga, a summer show organised by the Åland crafts association. The theme translates to something like Courage. The banners carry messages promoting small acts of courage that make life a little bit better. Transparent ink on rice paper makes the letters almost see through. Show is open until 31 August 2016 at Eckerö Post- och tullhus

Photo book workshop


In January I collaborated with Karl Henrik Edlund to create a week long workshop for photographers wanting to create a hand made book from their project. KH stood for logistics, Nico Baumgarten taught the binding and I printed covers together with each participant. Diverse and beautiful works, fantastic people and a great week!




I came across an irresistible press, good to have something that does less than 1000/h and doesn’t eat fingers…